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Rails of Fury is a high speed on rails platformer developed by a team of five using Unity and is for the PC platform. You play as Jace Wango, an adrenaline junkie who's known around the world for his Para-Karting skills. What's Para-Karting you ask? Why it's the art of taking a mine cart with a paraglider into some caverns and showing off your awesome talents. This was my first ever Unity project and the experience gained from this project was incredible! Having no programming background before attending VFS, I found Unity helped me improve my skills in C# and JavaScript as well. 

Rails of Fury


Woodlands is a 2D action adventure game developed using Flash Professional CS6 by a team of three students attending the Vancouver Films School's Game Design program. In Woodlands you play as a kid wandering through a forest that wants to help save the Woodland critters from evil creatures that have suddenly appeared.

Jacks or Better was a project I did over my winter break while attending VFS. This was before Unity had it's own UI so I was using what most everyone was using those days, NGUI. This project taught me a lot in a short amount of time. One of my biggest goals for this project was to have a high score list saved to my computer so I could see who racked up the most money in the small time period I gave the player before it made you stop playing. I'm pleased to say, I accomplished this goal and also made some pretty sweet looking card flips to change the cards out. 

Jacks or Better

Tappy Bounce (Unreleased)

Tappy Bounce is an unreleased mobile game I had the pleasure to work on. During development on another app we took a short break and had some fun making this game over about 1-2 weeks. In Tappy Bounce your objective is to tap the screen when the ball hits the platform and if you perfectly tap when the ball meets the platform, the ball gains some height. Earning stars to unlock more skins becomes addicting as you always attempt to beat your high score. Not to mention the game's audio is super catchy.

Circles VS Squares

Circles VS Squares is a Mobile Arcade game where the player controls either a Circle or a Square and attempts to save all of their Circle or Square friends from the opposing shape. There are multiple game modes such as Survival, Levels, Speedrun and the hardest of them all, Perfect Run. Circles VS Squares challenges not only your strategic thinking but your reflexes as well with it's fast paced and super difficult level design. This game is not for the feint of heart.

Input Out

Input Out is a Puzzle game where the player commands a circle to collect crystals and head to the goal by Inputting movement commands. There are 100 levels each packed with different obstacles and solutions to finding the shortest Input's possible to beat the level. This was my first completely solo project where I took the challenge to learn how difficult it is to build everything from scratch on your own. It's also the first project I've put onto Steam so it was a great learning experience!

Input Out On Steam

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