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Fun Facts About Me:

- League of Legends player since attending VFS in 2013/14. ADC Main (Peak rank Diamond 4 season 2019)

- Golfer (when I can get out)

- Dart player

- Unity AR Kit experience. It was fun to see things on your table with your phone. 

- Can fix your car but would rather not. I don't even touch my own. 

- Currently working on another Indie Project. Will reveal more on this site in due time.

Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to come read a little bit about me. Where should I start off? Let's see, I am a passionate Unity Programmer/Developer and a graduate of Vancouver Film School's (VFS) Game Design program. Unity is a large part of my life, I am always opening it up and messing around with some sort of project. I really do LOVE to make games. 

Before attending VFS, I had spent five years as an Automotive Technician at a dealership in my town. I am from Manitoba in Canada and it was there that I learned many things about vehicles, problem solving and teamwork. I even attended Red River College for training through the Manitoba Apprenticeship program. After five years, and with the help of a couple of programming books, I found my way to VFS where my true passion was exposed.


Throughout my year at VFS, I learned a variety of things revolving around game design. What I was most excited about though was the fact that I got to learn programming for games. Starting with “Hello World!” using C#, to learning ActionScript 3.0 for a Flash game, and finishing off the year with a Unity project. My role on the Unity project, which was a game called ‘Rails of Fury’, was the camera and gameplay programmer. After this year my love for programming has never been bigger!

To date, I have worked on several projects with amazing people and I couldn't be more grateful for the experiences I've had working with them. All in all it really helped me to push my first solo project out to Steam. Input Out was more than a puzzle game for me. It was a way for me to learn and appreciate how much work every individual does on a project and to challenge myself to finish something I started. 


Today, tomorrow and the next day I will always be a Unity Programmer/Developer as I love to program every day! Learning new programming languages and improving my current programming skills has become a hobby for me. Tool development is another one of my interests and has had me messing around with Unity’s editor to create some interesting things for use within the editor. I hope to one day fit in with an excellent development team at an amazing game studio where I can help create amazing gameplay experiences for the player.


Thanks for reading and learning a bit about me!


- Miles

About Me

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